Why is every damn thing in retrograde right now?

June 18, 2020

As we can see, 2020 has a lot of reckoning to do. We, the populace of Earth, are in the midst of lots of change, chaos, and upheaval. This isn’t new. On Earth or in the Universe. So what can we do? Look to the stars and the cards, of course!

Retrograde Woes

At this exact moment there are 6 planets in retrograde with the regular degular, Mercury, joining the mix on June 18th. The other planets are Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. For once, Mars is sitting it out! There are obviously intense things taking place, but so it is with the necessity of change. We are not in control, but we can learn how to navigate

Retrogrades are not periods where planets are actually “spinning backwards” or “going backwards.” They are considered to be astrological times that indicate the need to review, go inward and take a beat to reflect upon the momentum of whatever the planet in retrograde is associated with. 

To that end, I will be providing a breakdown of how long each planet is in retrograde, what each planet is generally thought to represent, and pull two cards to give us a sense of what each planet’s energy can teach us NOW

The influence of the planets changes from month to month depending on what’s going on in the collective astrology as well as your personal astrology. So if you want to know more do holler on my Instagram, via email, or go to astro.com

Venus Retrograde | May 13, 2020 to June 25, 2020 

Venus is generally considered to influence the type of people we’re attracted to, our style(s) of love, our creativity and how we work with others. Where Venus falls in our personal birth chart can represent the type of people we attract, in what ways we are receptive to giving and taking, etc.

The Energy | Conqueror of Wands: It is okay to want what we want, but it is not necessary to need what we want. Knowing this, this period Venus Retrograde energy comes to remind you of all you wished for. But it is also re-inquiring of you about what is needful and wanted. 

Wands is the suit of fire, aspirations, personal development, passion and lighting your own fire. What do you love to do that loves you back? Where is the energy you give actually regenerative? 

How To Use It | Interdependence: Equal energy exchange means what you pour into pours back into you. It does not have to be in the same manner, but it should be of equal quality or kind. Venus is often attributed to ruling romance and relationships, but it rules intimacy before it can rule either of these.

Intimacy can be had with a beloved art, activity, event, practice or person. It isn’t exclusive to romantic love of people. This is a time to review your beliefs around your creative relationships. Be sure to do the things you love and that nourish you on an energetic level. What doesn’t love you back is no longer needful. 

Jupiter Retrograde | May 14, 2020 to September 13, 2020

Jupiter is considered to influence prosperity, opportunity, growth and philosophy. That can include anything from our capacity for higher (unpersonalized) understanding, to our ability to comprehend spiritual concepts and information.

The Energy | 4 of Pentacles: A suit associated with foundations, money, ancestry, and reaping what we sow. This card signifies a lot going on without much deep absorption. As Jupiter represents prosperity, growth, and opportunity, this is important! It’s true there are a lot of moving parts, but there have always been.

It has just been the advantage of the privileged to not have to reconcile with this reality because they ensured they were catered to by society. As information, sensory and event overload continues in our modern era of technology and personal documentation (Jupiter rules expansion); there will be a lot of (ugly) news to become aware of. So take things in, but don’t hold onto what you’re better of processing and releasing. 

How To Use It | 10 of Pentacles: Every illness gets worse before it gets better. Self-care is important, but so is weathering the storms as they come. Ultimately, we are taken care of by Life. It brought us into this experience of Existence and it will be there when we tap out. In between these windows, there is what we do, prioritize, what we give our attention, what we invest in, and what we appreciate.

How we go about these things ends up being our resources for our lives. There is bounty and abundance in accepting where we are, what we are working with and what we prefer. Don’t miss this opportunity to take stock of things while you can. 

Saturn Retrograde | May 11, 2020 to September 29, 2020 

Saturn can influence our crossing between the lower and higher planes of our earthly experience (mundane vs. spiritual concerns). This includes the mastering tasks, wisdom gained, and core soul lessons. This often includes areas where we feel vulnerable, exposed and inadequate. 

The Energy | The Devil: The details matter and they materialize differently for each of us. It’s good to pay attention and take stock of all the ways in which we feel our lives are “getting away from us.” Create a to-do list of sorts, but for our spiritual growth. It’s okay if we put things on that list that we don’t believe possible at this moment.

Just because Saturn is the “taskmaster” doesn’t mean it is against you dreaming and growing. It is here to help us shore up our expectations and ensure we are “on top” of (or within) ourselves as we go about our experiences. No phoning it in with a trickster, but that keeps us in integrity!

How To Use It | 10 of Coins: A double appearance (coins and pentacles are the same in different decks) means a doubling down on the message. Just because a situation appears incomprehensible or insurmountable does not mean that it is. We can salvage the most we can from any experience. Whether “good, bad or ugly,” in order to make the most of it.

Nothing in this world can keep you from turning an otherwise negative experience into a stepping stone. You are not required to accept or take on any happening as “just” a blockage or “only” as devastating. You can always make the most of what you have. In training yourself to find joy in the details of your experience, you will also learn how to build that joy into more of itself. 

Uranus Retrograde | January 11, 2020 to August 15, 2020

Uranus is considered to influence revolt, technology, change, humanitarian ideals, and the journey of transcendence through challenges. This planet has an extended orbit around the Sun and it’s considered a “generational planet”. These attributes relate more to group/environment consciousness than individual consciousness.

The Energy | Grim Reaper: Out with the old, in with what is not old. We are seeing the beginning of sweeping effects on our societal, governmental and familial systems. 2020 is the tip of the iceberg of changes as far as the collective is concerned. Technology used for new purposes, change acknowledged and harnessed, humanitarian ideals refurbished, transcendence in all shapes and forms.

Death is a big job, and an honorable one, so the Grim Reaper is no amateur. It takes on age old work in order to give way to new soil, new societies and new individuals.

How To Use It | Guitar: Allow yourself to be both tuned and tuned into the way things are. Denial is just insisting on what has already passed its moment of arrival and departure. We can mourn things because that is a form of acceptance. To act as if things can return to the way they were would be to dishonor all that has taken place to get here.

When we raise our frequency and choose to move up and onward from where we once were, we create a vacuum in our atmosphere. Our existence must fill that for us. If we keep our ideals and actions aloft, we will find ourselves in a world where we are all much better off. 

Neptune Retrograde | January 23, 2020 to November 29, 2020

Neptune is considered to influence how we are receptive to Universal energies, concepts and experiences. “Revolutions vs. revolts,” sweeping collective changes, ethos, etc. Neptune has an extended orbit around the Sun. And it’s considered a “generational planet”. These attributes relate more to group/environment consciousness than individual consciousness.

The Energy | Lounge Chair: When we are doing the work of the versions of ourselves that we most prefer, we are working our way towards equilibrium. This is why practice is so important. Because no matter what is going on, we can return to it as a constant mode of grounding.

Beyond that, things have got to give. When they are ready to give way, we who are there to witness it needn’t be in further obstruction of the natural and necessary changes. Humanity has to find its way within the reality that actually surrounds it. Denying this universal imperative is not receptive. Better that we sit back, relax, and embrace it.

How To Use It | House Under Construction: Change is the way. The Big House (Existence, The Universe) is always under construction. This gives way to that gives way to this gives way to that. Endlessly. We don’t need to fight this. We can embrace the changes within, amongst and outside of us. This may be challenging in various ways, but considering it is inevitable it is also equally worth engaging in.

Considering we are changing right along with everything else, we can also give ourselves this opportunity to refine ourselves. How do we wish to be? What actions do we need to take? What ethos do we need to invoke? How can we prepare for the selves of our future today?

Pluto Retrograde | April 25, 2020 to October 4, 2020 

Pluto is considered to influence power, the physical and sociological structures built in the name of power, and profound changes. Often associated with the Phoenix, Pluto “rules” the process of life, death, rebirth, and the “underworld experience” in terms of the seasons of selfhood. Pluto has an extended orbit around the Sun. It’s considered a “generational planet” with attributes related more to group/environment consciousness than individual consciousness.

The Energy | The Hermit: Power is in hiding it seems. We haven’t seen the true likes of it in society for some time. It has been studying itself and becoming more refined. We have sat in the light of our ignorances long enough to recognize what is needful. Many of us are alarmed by the blatant illumination of this knowledge. However, it isn’t new and it hasn’t been locked away from us.

Rather, it has been hiding in plain sight. In the everyday knowledge of history and how it has provided for modernity. We know people have taken hits and been abused throughout society and throughout all time periods. Now that we are going through a rebirth period, everything putrid and outdated will have to be reconciled. 

How To Use It | 4 of Swords: Take moments of rest, respite and reflection. Not only process how the times are changing, but about how you are. Much could be done if each of us as individuals tended to our own well being. This includes your mental health, physical health, and spiritual care.

In US culture we undervalue sleep, “taking it easy” and actually just relaxing for the sake of it. Yet these things provide space to reflect on how we want to return to our work, friends, families, and back to ourselves. There is no shame in taking time to rediscover, coordinate, or redetermine who we are to ourselves. Factoring in this world and aligning with those we love and within our purpose. 

Mercury Retrograde | June 18, 2020 to July 12, 2020

Mercury is considered to influence the mind, our ability to reason and rationalize, communication, mental energy, and how we transmute that energy into active know-how. Because it influences communication it is also considered to “rule” things such as journalism, writing, public speaking, vocalizing thoughts, frequency technology, and information. 

The Energy | Try the Opposite:
A lot of the things we think we want to say to other people are also things we just need to hear ourselves. There’s no harm in telling yourself what you haven’t been able to tell others. Loving words, words in defense of you, words that express how much you wish you’d known or how things had gone differently.

Forgiveness is a gift we can give ourselves and we are too often avoiding this very accessible form of self care. As Mercury rules communication and technology, it also doesn’t hurt to take more time to reflect on what we are sending out as well. As thoughts, as words, as deeds, as texts or as emails. 

How To Use It | The Rhythms of Fate and the Tickings of Time: As you take this retrograde time to reflect upon your communication and those who you are doing it with, it is equally important to get honest and forthcoming with your honesty. When our backs seem up against the wall and time gets thin, many people choose to cut cords with things they can no longer afford to carry.

This isn’t always the smoothest of processes, but it does prove itself increasingly necessary. Our emotional intelligence can find itself at capacity. When that happens the body and mind will do what is needed to put you in safer territory. The sooner you can address what is coming up, the more graceful your breaks and exits can be with others

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