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Why Subscribe?

Build the routine

Never miss a beat and feel the benefits on cue.

Worry-free Delivery

You have enough things to worry about. Running out of TONIC shouldn't be one of them.

Save Big

Free shipping. Discounted pricing. Bonus points that convert to cash. Need we say more?

The Benefits

Save Up

Subscription pricing is always discounted, and every renewal always ships for free. Where else can you get that much "always"?

Earn Goodies

Every purchase comes with loyalty points that you can cash in for exclusive discounts. Your loyalty will also be rewarded with exclusive swag at milestones like 6 months.

Stay Flexed

Put your subscription on hold or push back a delivery anytime you want. If you ever need any help, just reach out!

Member FAQ

Can I change the products in my subscription?
Yes you can! Please follow the steps below, or reach out to us at with your requested changes.
  1. Log in to your account. *If you are switching your subscription to a new product, you will have to add the new product to your subscription first, and then delete the current product after this step is completed. Continue reading for how to add a product.
  2. When you find the product that you would like to add or change, on the product page click the "Subscribe and Save" option.
  3. This will allow you to see a check box under "Sign up Now".  Check the box and you will see a pop-up window with your active subscriptions.
  4. Under the subscription you would like to modify, press "Add". This will take you to your My Account dashboard to view your subscription details.
  5. When you are in the "Subscription" section of your My Account dashboard, you will see a red X next to each product currently included in your subscription. Click the X to delete the product from your subscription.
You can also change the variation of products in your subscription by selecting the "Upgrade or Downgrade" button. This will allow you to switch your product to a larger or smaller size, i.e. Upgrading Chill from 15mL to 30mL, Downgrading from 3 Pre-Rolls to 1 Pre-Roll per month.
Can I put my subscription on hold?
Yes! You can login to our website and put your subscription on hold yourself from your account, or you can email us at Please note that subscriptions can be on hold for a maximum of 3 months at a time. Subscriptions that are on hold for more than 3 months are subject to cancellation. *Remember- rewards are cumulative, meaning the longer you subscribe the bigger the perks :)
How do I change my payment method or shipping address?
All subscriptions require an account. Log in to your account and click on your username in the top right corner of the window to access your "My Account" dashboard. To update your billing/shipping address click on the "Addresses" section. Payment can be updated in the "Payment Methods" section.
Can I apply the discount codes I receive in the newsletter?
Discount codes are not able to be applied to your monthly subscription orders- but don’t worry about missing out on the savings! We will be sending you plenty of promotional perks, check out the tab below for more information about subscription rewards. You can also apply the points you've accumulated to your monthly order for more discounts. Your points balance can be found in your My Account dashboard under the "Points" tab.   *20 points= $1*   Email us at letting us know how many points you would like to apply to your next order!  
What kind of perks can I expect for subscribing?
By subscribing to your favorite TONIC products, you save money and time by automatically receiving your products up to 20% off, with free shipping, at the same time every month. Never worry about preserving that last dropper-full again! As part of the Steady Supply, you can expect us to send free product offers, additional discounts, exclusive event invites, perks from our favorite partner brands and more. The longer you subscribe, the more we show you our appreciation! Keep an eye out for your exclusive Steady Supply e-mails 🙂
What products can I subscribe to?
At this time, all of our Doses, Chronic, ZONE Vape Pen*, CBD Pre-Rolls, Outerspace Skincare and Zen Dog are part of the Steady Supply program. Subscription pricing offers up to a 20% discount and free priority shipping every month. *If you subscribe to the ZONE Starter Kit, your first order will include the full Vape Kit including battery and charger, all subsequent orders will be the Cartridge only.
When will I be charged for my subscription/ when will I receive my products?
You will be charged for your subscription monthly, on the date of your initial order. Your product will ship (for free!) and arrive within 4-7 days after your monthly payment via USPS First class mail. If you would like to renew your order early, you can do so by logging in to your account and clicking on the "Subscriptions" tab in your My Account dashboard. If you would like to change the date that your subscription renews each month, or change the frequency of which you receive orders, please reach out to us at
What if I want to cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription by logging in to your account-under the "Subscriptions" tab in the My Account dashboard.
What is the points program?
Every TONIC purchase earns you points that can be redeemed for discounts on future orders! Here's how it works:
  • First, make sure you create an account at checkout. Or, if you already have an account, make sure you are signed in so that your points get applied to your account!
  • Every $5 you spend earns you 1 point.  Steady Supply members receive an additional 50 points upon sign up and on each month's renewal.
  • 20 points = $1  | redeem 100 points for a $5 discount on anything on our site!
You can access all of your points by logging in to your account and clicking the "Points" tab in your My Account dashboard. To redeem points, log in to your account, and you will see the amount of points that can be applied on the checkout page. You can apply only a partial amount of points if you choose.
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