We rely on nature's bounty to create the purest botanicals possible. To shortchange her, would be to miss the point.

Our Mission

Attaining equilibrium in body & nature
We strive to carry the torch for sustainability in CBD and agriculture alike, rooting our business in earth-friendly principles from seed to dose.

How we live it

Biodynamic Farming
We keep our soil healthy, vibrant and fertile without chemicals or synthetics.
Organic Everything
High quality herbs and ingredients make for high quality blends.
Responsible Growth
We never grow more than we can process, and never plan for more than we can grow.
Responsible Sourcing
And not just with our hemp. It's all the way down to our certified organic black seed oil to locally-grown maple.
Companion planting
We circle our hemp with other plants to naturally deter pests and encourage richer terpenes.
Nothing wasted
From mulching stalks and stems to repurposing waxes for skin care products, we use every part of the plant.
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