leave the world in a better place

Social Efforts

From our customers to their communities, we only aim to heal.

The Purpose Program

Our monthly giving initiative ensures every TONIC purchase carries meaning. We partner with a different nonprofit organization each month, donating 2.5% of every sale to support the communities who deserve it most.

This Month's Partner Highlight

Every TONIC sale during the month of September will go towards supporting Cannabis for Conservation

Cannabis for Conservation is a 501(c)(3) environmental nonprofit on a mission to conserve persisting natural resources, restore degraded ecosystems, and educate communities to prevent further impacts from unsustainable cannabis cultivation while uniting the industry in a culture of stewardship and setting an environmental standard that could be emulated by other agricultural sectors.

Their approach to conservation ethic includes:

1) Instituting Integrated Wildlife Management (IWM)— biodiversity conservation, adaptive wildlife management, and ecological monitoring— as an industry standard.

2) Facilitating cooperative, supportive relationships between the historically polarized interests of the cannabis industry, environmental organizations, and regulatory agencies.

3) Empowering cannabis communities with a holistic education of ecological stewardship, and providing resources to implement on-the-ground conservation programs.

past partners:

Our Company Values


Our company philosophy boils down to four simple principles.

Be good
Always the highest standards. From our farm, to our lab, to our customer service, we aim for the highest quality with the highest integrity.
Do good
Creating positive impact goes beyond delivering a high quality product. For us, it means investing in our community, giving back to the land and putting people over profit.
Be mindful
Everything we do is done consciously and intentionally. Our actions matter and they should always reflect the care we have for our customers and community.
Be about it
Words plant the ideas, but actions harvest them. We take pride in the actionable steps we have taken to bring our values to life. Since March 2019 we have donated $50,000+ to nonprofit organizations through the TONIC Purpose Program.

Our Give-Back Initiatives

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