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Tricolla Farms & Bardo Labs

Nature was here first, so we take every step to ensure that our end product is a true reflection of the plant as it was always intended.

Quality. Sustainability. Reverence.

Our cultivation practices reflect our deep respect for the cannabis plant and the soil in which it is grown. Working in concert with nature, we ensure we are giving the land just as much as it is giving us.

Our Process


Nurtured by Nature

We tend to the earth, so that the earth can tend to our plants. By focusing on feeding our soil and putting regenerative practices in place, we are allowing our hemp to flourish and thrive just as nature intended.


(Almost) Everything By Hand

Our single-origin, full-spectrum distillates are produced via CO2 extraction methods. If we can do it by hand, it's done by hand, but when it comes to producing high purity CBD extracts from our hemp plants, we rely on researched and validated methods carried out by our expert chemists.


Truly, Madly, Completely

We've got the full and final say on everything from cultivation and extraction to formulation, packaging and distribution — we keep it all under one roof to insure a high quality, gap-free production process.


Nothing to Hide

Nothing to hide, nothing to fake. All of our CBD products come with a certificate of analysis to guarantee purity, backed by field-leading Blue Bite NFC authentication.

Bardo Labs

Conscious Science

CO2 Supercritical Fluid Extraction

Pumps, vessels and super high temperatures — the real mad science. Our team perfected a process that helped us faithfully extract CBD (and other cannabinoids) from the hemp flower.

Dissolution & Filtration

We gently scrub away unwanted particles, waxes and unnecessary compounds to ensure every batch — no matter how small — arrives with only the good stuff.


Our refinement process is dialed in to be able to target and capture a full spectrum of the plant’s most essential compounds, ensuring that CBD has a strong support team to help get the job done more efficiently and effectively. Teamwork makes the dream work!


From solubility and stability, to taste and texture, it all comes down to formulation. Our chemists know what it takes to make a product you can feel good about.


Finally, we put each blend through the wringer. That means multiple rounds of third-party lab testing to ensure accurate concentrations of cannabinoids and the total absence of any contaminants like heavy metals, pesticides or residual solvents.

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