Own your intuition with this 2020 Tarot Guide

January 23, 2020

By Sanyu Estelle

Paradox is Natural Law.

Broken down the word is para- (“contrary to”) + dokein (“to appear, seem, think”). Contrary to (that which) appears, seems (to be) or (we) think. In other words, the thing or things we’re not considering. This year, as illustrated through this tarot reading, is all about the outliers and the outlaws. These two groups are diverse and not necessarily co-conspirators. Ultimately, outliers are reliably outlaws, but outlaws do not have to be outliers.

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This theory is important because this is the foundation of praxis, practice, magick, intuition, and intention. Over time you will realize that everything you have ever believed has only ever been a matter of your lived experience, you free yourself from relying upon outdated referential perspectives.

You are a “New You” in every moment and in 2020 the energy becomes multidimensional as we recognize we are defined by our choosing, not by our choices. In this spirit, here are some of my tips on Owning Your Intuition via my 2020 tarot card reading.

What does this tarot reading say about the year 2020?


+      Use What You Drift Towards

If you remember your dreams ask for clarity or guidance through dreams; if you’re guided by sound ask for Existence to point the way through the synchronicity of sounds; and so forth.

If you always notice a particular kind of thing, take that as a direct sign of a personal conversation you are already having with the Universe. Just follow the breadcrumbs.

+      The Safest Path

The “right” way is whatever is your actual experience. Existence didn’t make you by accident and never loses your address. And it also does nothing meaningless including natural disasters, freak accidents or those repetitive thoughts that occur to you in the bathtub.

Existence confirms through synchronicity and denies through degradation. What isn’t for you feels like sand in a strainer. What is for you makes itself obvious and repetitive.


+      Bond with the Guidance

We’re not all meant to be tarot card readers or mediums and there are many methods of divination to choose from that aren’t those practices. If you can know about it, look to YOUR ancestral practices. Tap into your intuition. Then try to choose something that is already calling to you and then find the most relevant equivalent in your lived or ancestral experience.

Do the practice that calls to you repetitively (aka: through multiple generations of ancestors). Using natural synchronicity as a compass is a powerful organizing principle for your existence!

+      What You Seek, Seeks You

If you like numbers try to look for numerical divination tools. If you like freewriting or free drawing, then buy a pad of paper or use your phone on airplane mode. Don’t force a star into a circle hole. And It’s okay to do something beyond social understanding or convention. You have to trust your intuition.

If you don’t trust what is already coming to you to do, how will you know what a true message for you is? Practice makes the person!

Most importantly, you have to trust that you’ll know what you need to know when you need to know it. Never a moment before that, but also never a moment after. That is why diving deep into your intuition is key.

REMEMBER: Existence cannot exclude what it creates. That would be inefficient and the Universe/God/Existence is infinite. It is not bound by time. Not being subject to time it has no reason to waste it. Also, when time is irrelevant, one can allow oneself to become sufficient without restriction.

“Free Will” comes from Proto-Indo-European which means “to love” (free) “to choose” (will).

Not to love ONLY the things you WANT to choose.

Not to love ALL your choices made previously.

Not to love EVERYTHING about choosing.

But you have to love that you have the wherewithal, the awareness and the ability to know you can choose.


Perspective is a superpower. And in the year 2020–a number symbolically steeped in the idea of perfect vision and clear hindsight–an honest, owned and utilized perspective is going to be absolutely necessary according to this tarot spread.

Sanyu Estelle Tarot
Sanyu Estelle is a Claircognizant (“Clear knowing”), Soothsayer (“Truth teller”). She is also known as “The Word Witch” and uses language, tarot, Taoism, oracle cards, channeling, Ifa, speaking, singing and writing to tell you exactly what you need to hear when you need to hear it in the way that is going to be most beneficial to you while keeping it real—always—with a sense of humor. 

She is the resident card reader at Otherwild LA and is a core member of the Spirit Family of Spirit House Collective LA and Brooklyn.
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