How to manifest your “High Vibe” and increase your vibration

January 21, 2020

By Jen Mazer

These days, the expression “high vibe” is super popular. But what does it actually mean to be a high vibe? Can you actually increase your vibration?

Let’s start with the law of attraction

The Law of Attraction is well known. Your thoughts create your reality. But have you heard about the Law of Vibration?

Everything is energy. You attract things that are a vibrational match to that which you’re putting out into the world. So you want your vibration to be positive in order to attract more positive experiences into your life.

I like to think of it as if we’re all energy towers, receiving and giving off vibrations all of the time. So you want to match the vibration of the person who you want to become. 


Asking for what your heart desires!

For example, let’s say you want to manifest $100,000 a year. How would an abundant person who makes $100,000 a year act? Acting as if it is less about “faking it until you make it,” and more about raising your vibration to be the person who you are becoming now.

All of the manifestations happen in the present tense. So if you come from a place of lack, it’s hard to feel into the vibration of abundance. 

Ask yourself, “How would it feel if I already was living my dream?” In this case, how would it feel to make over $100,000 a year? 

Then the next question to ask yourself is, “How can I feel that way now?”

Even if you haven’t manifested your dream yet in physical form, you can still feel the way you want to feel now. And by doing so, you’re drawing in vibrational matches to that feeling. And that’s how you manifest it!

If you think about it, abundance is a higher frequency than lack. It naturally feels better. 

increase your vibration

Understanding your vibration!

Here’s an easy way to think about increasing your vibration. Everything around us that appears to be solid is actually in motion. If you were to zoom into the cells in your body, you’d see that the neurons and electrons are moving. Wherever you are reading this, you’re sitting on a planet that is currently spinning and in motion around the sun. 

  • So movement is the natural state of the universe. What is the movement? It’s vibration. 
  • If you’re stuck in your life and you can’t seem to figure out why you keep replaying the same scenarios over and over, it could be that you have stuck energy.
  • Being “in the flow” isn’t just about everything going your way. To be in the flow means you have movement and vibration.
  • You want your energy to flow throughout your body, and in your life. 

How do you increase your vibration? 

Get yourself out of worry and lack mentality, and into a place of ease and abundance. 

I love TONIC’s Good Vibe Tribe. They’ve carefully curated this collection to increase your vibration.

increase your vibration

As you move into 2020, get the tools you need to support your own vibration. Then surround yourself with people who will lift you higher. Your energy will rise to match the highest vibes in the room. 

Chill before you meditate. When you’re calm and quiet, you increasingly notice a heightened awareness in your intuition. And then you’ll trust your decisions more, and it will be easier to manifest. 

law of attraction

The O.G. will increase your mood and balance your energy.

So if you’re nervous about making a big ask and going for your dream, take the O.G. to increase your vibes. Then it will be much easier to send that scary email or give a big talk.

Remember, manifesting is vibrational. So if you’re doing tasks from a place of anxiety, it will be more difficult to stay in a high vibration to manifest. 

good vibe tribe
Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

And then I love the Chronic roll-on because as you begin to move your body in new ways this year, you’ll find that Chronic allows your cells to repair and hold the new energy that’s moving through it.

It’s an exciting time of transformation on the planet. Astrologically, this year is about building new foundations and support structures to allow your dreams to flourish. 

So what better way to be prepared and supported than with your own Good Vibe Tribe

Here’s to manifesting all that your heart desires!

jen-mazer the queen of manifestation

Jen Mazer is “The Queen of Manifestation.”

A sought-after transformational speaker and coach, she teaches people how to manifest their biggest dreams while making an impact on the world. 

She’s the author of Manifesting Made Easy and Co-Founder of the board game Sparked. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, Fast Company, Inc, Cosmopolitan, New York Magazine, Real Simple, Marie Claire, and ABC.

Jen’s known for her signature Manifestation Masters program and Private Success Coaching.

Learn more at

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