Meditation For People Who Ask “Is This Working Yet?”

July 28, 2020

Let’s start with the big pink elephant in the room. Meditation has no precise definition, so when you ask, “how do I do it?” and “Is it working yet?” that depends entirely on what your aim is.

Meditation in a nutshell

Loosely, meditation refers to some form of technique informed, self-induced deepening of the mind’s ability to relax and focus toward a shift in mental state or consciousness. I can’t think of a better time than this pandemic to shift consciousness. Think about what would even be possible if we shifted away from the constant fear of economic scarcity, and the anxiety of a future unknown, to something that would benefit all humans. What could that even look like? As cliche as that sounds, we do have to begin with ourselves.

woman with hands at heart

In most cultural traditions, meditation is inextricably tied to some spiritual or religious objective, though the technique is more and more separated from tradition. You’ve probably participated in some sort of workplace wellness day, where someone came in and led a 10-minute mindfulness technique. Juxtapose that with Zen Buddhists who meditate rigorously for hours-upon-hours a day tirelessly seeking enlightenment. Each is a means to their own end.

Your Self Care Daily challenge of the week

This week we’ll break y’all off with a few simple tools from a few disparate schools, intended to bring you peace of mind – daily. Apply them to a physical, mental, or spiritual need that is unique to you.

Before we do that, let’s take a hot second to think about our intention. Are you looking to eliminate some anxiety and fear of the unknown? Are you exhausted from Zoom meetings and a somehow increased workload, and want to restore your adrenals? Do you have loved ones who are hard hit by the virus, and you are looking for ways to metabolize your grief? Whatever it is, come with an intention.

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