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November 01, 2019

CBD is everywhere. We know. Usually it is kind of obnoxious (yes, we know that too), or unnecessary (CBD CheeseBoats, I’m looking at you), but the upside is that even your Grandma knows what’s up when it comes to CBD; it is not nearly as taboo as it may have been even this time last year, a lot more people are much more informed on CBD and cannabis than ever before.

But with all of the different products out there it could be very overwhelming to make that initial purchase. So, we are here to help you help them find the perfect match.

What You Should Know

Sourcing & Sustainability

We source all of our CBD from Tricolla Farms, our own family-owned, organic hemp farm in upstate NY. Our hand cultivation methods, regenerative agriculture practices and a focus on quality over quantity lends itself to a much more sustainable approach to hemp farming.

Testing & Transparency

We take transparency seriously. Beyond complete traceability when it comes to sourcing, all of our products are embedded with BlueBite’s NFC authentication technology. This means by simply tapping your phone to the top of your TONIC product, you can access batch-specific lab reports, sourcing info, directions for use and more.

The Special Sauce

Our original botanical blends provide a more individualized, integrative approach to CBD wellness. By combining CBD with synergistic plant-based ingredients we can deliver more predictable, repeatable and effective results.


view slideshow below for our ultimate CBD gifting guide…


We aren’t the only ones who think TONIC makes a great gift…

Check out this feature in ELLE….

featuring The Balancing Act: our collaboration with Elevate Jane to benefit National Bail Out

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featuring our Chronic roll-on as well as our new collaboration with Y7 x Nice Paper: AFTERFLOW, powered by TONIC

Feel-Good Gifts You Can Feel Even Better About Buying

TONIC is proud to donate a portion of each month’s sales to a different nonprofit because we believe our commitment to bringing the most healing to the most people goes beyond CBD.

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