The Grow Room, ep. 1: Breathing Web Farms

April 29, 2020

Cultivating consciousness by sharing stories that take us higher

Hosted by Brittany Carbone of Founder and CEO of TONIC CBD; co-founder of Tricolla Farms and Bardo Labs

Episode 1: Kristin & Samir of Breathing Web Farms

Kristin and Samir of Breathing Web Farms (Skaneateles, NY) share how learning to surrender to the calling within led them on a journey they never saw coming.

Part One: Planting the Seed

(3:58) : Kristin and Samir met in NYC, but decided to move out to Santa Barbara, CA. They were out there for almost 2 years when they were at a crossroads – it was time to commit to either rooting down in Cali, or moving back to NY to set up home base closer to family.

The synchronicities that determined the next move were too hard to ignore.

They listened to the calling, despite all logic and all the reasons why not, and the seed was officially planted.

Part Two: The Stretch

(24:35) : The stretch phase of the plant’s growth cycle is when it is continuing to reach up towards the sun.

It is traveling on a path it is destined for and must surrender to that path in order to expand itself to bear the weight of what’s to come (big, beautiful buds!)

Kristin and Samir faced a lot of challenges throughout their first year. Their entire journey shifted and it was their constant surrendering that allowed them to adapt and trust the path that the universe was leading them down.

What they learned about how to relate to each other as a couple as they live, work, play, etc together.

Part Three: Flowering

(40:45) : The beauty of the plant’s resilience manifested in tangible form; the fruit of their labor.

What Breathing Web Farms has become; what they have learned from their journey and how the farm is now a true reflection of that calling they tuned into a couple years back out in California.

The importance of grounding energy, connection and the creation/nurturing of community and an ecosystem that is truly symbiotic.

How you can ground your energy!

Find them on IG: @breathingwebfarms

Website launching May 1st:

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Thank you so much for spending your time with us. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to share these amazing stories and I hope that you enjoy hearing them!

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