How To Read Our Mercury Retrograde Tarot Guide

February 17, 2020

By Sanyu Estelle

Mercury Retrograde is here. While most of the world may try to throw you into a whirl please don’t fret. This can be a great way to discover things about yourself that you may have never known!

Trust the process and check out Part 2 of our Mercury Retrograde in Pisces tarot guide featuring our favorite intuitive expert, Sanyu Estelle.

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take risks tarot cards
  • The Concern Card indicates to us what the overall framework of the retrograde will draw out of our lives to be better observed. 

For our sojourn through Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, the concern that we’ll be faced with in different aspects of our lives is: “are we taking risks?” There are plenty of signs that make it clear that you are not taking enough risks.

  • Are you bored with your everyday existence? 
  • Do you constantly find yourself daydreaming about being elsewhere? 
  • Ever wonder if someone else’s life is fundamentally better than your own? Are you dealing with seemingly permanent FOMO?

If you answered “yes” to those questions, then chances are you’re not letting yourself be greater than the last thing you let yourself be great at.
And look, real talk, for some of us maybe we’ve never felt great at anything. But there’s no time like the present to act a fool and take a risk, okay? You need to feel into what you want and then put that work into it.  Usually, the work is in the place or area in your life you’re avoiding or excusing yourself from being responsible. What occurs to you is definitely FOR YOU, so don’t ignore the places your mind repetitively goes over there course of the retrograde.


Ace of Swords
  • The Opportunity/Obstacle Card is all about recognizing the things outside of ourselves that have latched themselves on to our lives’ paths. These are forces to be reckoned with, but the importance lies in your inner perspective of these outer elements:
    • Is it a stepping stone (opportunity perspective) or a roadblock (obstacle perspective)?

How can we use our experiences to accomplish absolute victory? This can come in the form of achievement, enlightenment, accomplishment, and fulfillment by way of the Ace of Swords. The Ace of Swords is a suit ruled by air and the intellect, but also subject to intellectualizing emotions and battling the negative ego.

There is this idea that if you’re good to people, or at something, or in life and yet nobody outside of you recognizes it then somehow the good you do isn’t ’actual. But please do not let convention fool you out of living the life and being the person you claim you “already are” by default. If it’s your identity then identify with it through consistent praxis. The good that you do should be for the doing of goodness itself. The you that you are should be for the being of you yourself. Things that are what they are do not seek reward for their function because their function is their reward period.

If you are not happy after you do something for yourself or for others, you should ask yourself why you are doing it. Do not make your consent to live your life the way you’re living it. Remove the obstacle as to why you can’t be the person you would rather be becoming.  What you seek is seeking you. Go do it. Go after it. Blaze the path. Do the thing you want to do! Until you’ve done so to the best that you are able, taking it as far as you can take it with no insistence on how the outcome “has to look” to be victorious; you are your primary roadblock. 


Eight of Cups
  • The Advantage/Aversion Card indicates to us what within us and seeded in our character or personality is serving (advantage perspective). This includes our ability to learn from the Concern + Opp/Obs. And includes how we sabotage (aversion perspective) our ability to learn from the Concern + Opps/Obs.

When it comes to our developed character and personality we have received the tough love card of the Eight of Cups. Cups or Chalices are the suit of water, creativity, emotional intelligence, one-on-one relationships and procreation, love and familial dynamics.  I like to think of this card as “LAMENTATIONS, LAMENTATIONS” because it’s a card that speaks to both longing and regret. The Eight of Cups wants us to stop using our attention and awareness to drift off into oblivion. Rather, we can take stock of where we are moving on from. This means we need to break our habits of fixation with creative productivity. This is luckily a Piscean strength.

Everything can be informative to our future perspectives. And we have to let that process happen by not needing things to exist only in the binary of comparison. This is why I have begun telling my clients that people do not have histories, they only have dimensions. Dimensions on dimensions of experience that layers one on top of the other. Some sections are easier for us to perceive and pull apart than others, but we’re still all there regardless. 


knight of coins
  • The Key Card indicates what we can utilize overall to best “unlock” the situation so we can then navigate the circumstances we are into our advantage. This allows us to gain access to greater understanding overall and within. 

Our Key Card helps drive home why Mercury Retrograde in Pisces is about where flow meets work ethic! Coins or Pentacles is the suit of Earth, the environment, the body (our perspective’s environment), family, finances, money, foundations, reaping what we sow and our ancestors! 

The Knight of Coins is young energy all about finding and getting in the work. That purposeful kind of work that feels like a calling more than a trial. This energy, above all, is about perseverance with a purpose. The Knight of Coins persists because they want to accomplish something or see something through to the end. So when in doubt or in the struggle over this retrograde, diligently and lovingly return to your work and your purposefulness, which is what you’re here to embody and accomplish. 

While in shadow energy, this can look like stubbornness, insistence on the outcome, or even unwillingness to produce anything. Please beware of sticking your head in the ground because change is coming.  In upright energy this card signifies getting the job done, staying grounded, and showing up. How do we show up within our ego without messing things up? By doing what we feel repeatedly called to do without requiring that anybody needs to witness, cosign or do it with or for us.

Sanyu Estelle is a Claircognizant (“Clear knowing”), Soothsayer (“Truthteller”). She is also known as “The Word Witch” and uses language, tarot, Taoism, oracle cards, channeling, Ifa, speaking, singing and writing to tell you exactly what you need to hear when you need to hear it in the way that is going to be most beneficial to you while keeping it real—always—with a sense of humor.  She is the resident card reader at Otherwild LA and is a core member of the Spirit Family of Spirit House Collective LA and Brooklyn.


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