Mercury is in Haterade – Let’s Get Ready to Retrograde in Pisces

February 07, 2020

By Sanyu Estelle

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces will soon be “upon us.” And depending on where you live, the seeming backward movement of Mercury through our skies (“stationing retrograde”) will take place from approximately February 16th to March 10th. Give or take a few days and time zones.

mercury in retrograde pisces

The planet Mercury represents the messenger. Mythologically, the messenger Gods are Esu, Loki, Hermes, Raven and Anasi others deities associated with ruling communication. But for this reason, when Mercury appears to go retrograde, people have often associated it with slowing down. This typically causes an interference with things like technology, agreements or contracts, communication or messages.

How does Mercury Retrograde hate on us?

That interference includes our own ability to be in the headspace to do these things in the most conducive ways for our best interest. It’s no coincidence that the Gods that rule messages and communication are often seen as tricksters! Being the switchboard is challenging work. And somebody’s gotta hold down the crossroads. 

On this season of Mercury retrograde (there are usually three throughout the year) Mercury is in Pisces. That means we are going to have to reckon with our own concepts of compassion, intuitive wisdom, creativity, and flow. This includes our work ethic, dreams/ideas, spacing out or not being grounded. Fun stuff, ammiright?

This sounds scary as hell

Never fear! I’ve pulled some tarot and oracle cards on our collective’s behalf to help guide us through the highly changeable energy of Mercury Retrograde!

Reading cards is a form of divination. This can be done in many different ways and is practiced differently across cultures.

I like using cards as an outside assessment method for what I perceive is going on within me. My hope is that it can also be helpful to you in this way! 

How to use the C.O.A + The Key Spread

I use a spread of my own creation. A spread is a system or framework utilized to lay down your cards in order to divine specific information.

My spread has four cards from three different decks. I love to give existence the opportunity to make itself clear through repeat cards if it feels like it.

My spread is called C.O.A. + The Key

tarot spread
  • The Concern Card indicates to us what the overall framework of the retrograde will draw out of our lives. Observation is key.
  • The Opportunity/Obstacle Card indicates to us what outside of us has set itself upon our life path to be reckoned. Thereby, it will be used as either a stepping stone (opportunity perspective) or a roadblock (obstacle perspective).
  • The Advantage/Aversion Card indicates to us what within us and seeded in our character or personality is serving (advantage perspective). Including our ability to learn from the Concern + Opp/Obs or sabotaging (aversion perspective) our ability to learn from the Concern + Opps/Obs.
  • The Key Card indicates what we can utilize overall to best “unlock” the situation. This will aid us in navigating the circumstances we are to our advantage. This allows us to gain access to greater understanding overall and within. 

What’s next? Give us the goods!

We will dive deeper into this tarot spread this Monday with our full Mercury Retrograde in Pisces outlook.

Until then, hold on to your heart, meditate, and back up everything you own in your life. Let’s ride the retrograde wave and win!

sanyu estelle claircognizant soothsayer
Sanyu Estelle is a Claircognizant (“Clear knowing”), Soothsayer (“Truth teller”). She is also known as “The Word Witch” and uses language, tarot, Taoism, oracle cards, channeling, Ifa, speaking, singing and writing to tell you exactly what you need to hear when you need to hear it in the way that is going to be most beneficial to you while keeping it real—always—with a sense of humor.  She is the resident card reader at Otherwild LA and is a core member of the Spirit Family of Spirit House Collective LA and Brooklyn.
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