Making CBD Part of Your Bicycling First Aid Kit

July 23, 2020

By Mary Pryor

It takes years to formulate a practice that provides sanity. Whether it’s meditation, running, swimming, or hiking we all have a need to release the things that mire our experiences. This time of COVID-19 and social unrest is unique in its own history. With everything happening around us I have to keep my sanity. Being able to maintain such isn’t easy but bicycling and controlling my movement through fitness feels authentic, calm, and challenges my discipline. If you find yourself seeking relief on these roads I want you to follow these tips. Bicycling can be dangerous if you’re not careful. Wearing a helmet and understanding safety protocols are key parts of having joy during these outdoor adventures. Don’t be scared. It’s easier than you think. And adding CBD to your cycling kit is a must.

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Photo by @georgiaphotonyc

Why I Ride

Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory issue that can cause a host of issues when it comes to joints and inflammation. As a patient who was at one point prepping for a natural bodybuilding competition before my diagnosis, I wanted to be active without taxing too much of my system. I started my avid cycling journey in response to tackling my joint health, inflammation, and fatigue issues in 2013. After experiencing the theft of two bikes, I am still riding and learning something new about my strength every day! Cycling provides so much clarity and peace for me. Logging 20 to 30 miles a day is a big part of my self-care and overall well-being. And it provides much-needed support for joints alongside my CBD and cannabis regiment to improve my physical health. Biking is one of the easiest ways to increase circulation, muscle memory, and endurance for darn near free. 

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Photo by @georgiaphotonyc

How to make CBD part of your road-ready first aid kit!

I often take samples of CHRONIC and GROUNDED in my bike pack because new riders are hitting the pavement every day, literally and figuratively. Accidents occur when you least expect it and it’s a good idea to carry a bandage or two in case you find yourself in need of a personal patch up. As an avid plant medicine advocate, I like to help people who are unaware of the science of cannabinoids and its healing properties. This is an education gap that spans across all ages. Using CBD topically on bumps, bruises, and wounds aides in promoting skin healing beyond internal use. We’re often told to just take a tincture by mouth but did you know that you can cover your wounds and bruises, too?  Check out this quick video below where I helped a new fellow rider who flipped over his bike while crossing the Pulaski Bridge in Queens, NY. 

tonic cbd FLEX
Photo by @georgiaphotonyc

Please note that you can use tinctures as a CBD topical in this instance. Utilizing our blends in this way can work wonders if you find yourself in need of pain and wound relief, too. If you are super squeamish, feel free to keep one eye open. Just watch and learn.

How I Ride During This Moment In Our History 

Navigating where and what to do when something this like comes up can be reality intense and mistakes can happen. Also, bikes are like finding diamonds in the rough right now. Finding one is extremely hard due to the huge influx of need across the country. This influx is all based upon the need for all people to do something movement and wellness based during these coronavirus times. With that being said, I’d like to offer a few quick tips that are crucial to keep as you dive deeper into becoming an experienced rider.

Track and Share Your Progress

There are some pretty amazing applications that allow you to trace paths, save routes, and keep track of your progress. My favorite one is Strava which has a cost for access to enhanced services (worth it!). Relive is my second recommendation based on its ability to trace milage while adding photos. And there is a pretty sweet social video feature that you can use, too.

Take Your Time and Have Fun

You are going to run into all types of riders on the road. There is the biker who thinks he’s Lance Armstrong, the rider who wants to be cute for the Gram, or my personal favorite “angry Karen/Kevin” who is super unhappy with anyone having fun while they are not wearing a mask. Your journey on the road is particular to you! Riding in a group is advised when you are first starting and there is no need to go fast. Experience comes with practice. Hitting a bridge or an extended ride might be a slow go at first. Learning how to eat for a long ride, strengthening your quads, and just drinking water is all part of the learning process. There is no need to feel like you cannot do it. Be patient with yourself. You can do this!

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