How to Step Up Your 2020 Wellness Routine with CBD

December 31, 2019

CBD wellness tips from TONIC’s resident witch, Haylli Weintraub, to help you feel your best mentally, physically and metaphysically in the new year.

2019 was a total sh*t storm, but it was 100% necessary to learn the lessons we needed to learn and build the foundation for what we’re meant to do next (aka the badass awesome abundant lives we’re going to crush in 2020).

New Year, Same Me

Rather than focusing on everything I want to change in the New Year, I like to focus on what I’d like to improve.

I already had an established (and extensive) wellness routine, but adding TONIC to that routine helped bring even more awareness, a deeper connection with my being and A LOT more magic.

2020 new-year tina fey eye-roll

Implementing TONIC into my already existing wellness routine and spiritual practices this past year year has been EVERYTHINGGG. I know that sounds dramatic, but I honestly can’t begin to explain all of the ways TONIC has helped my mind, my body, my energy & my soul.

Honoring what my soul needs has cleared the way for more magic, allowing me to really own my witchiness. So, I want to share my routine with you to inspire new ways to incorporate CBD into your wellness routine.

Do You, Boo

Some important things to keep in mind:

  • Everybody is different. Tune in to your body and really listen to what it is telling you. Especially when it comes to CBD, bio-individuality plays a big role in the success of any wellness regimen.
  • Be kind with yourself and have patience. Take baby steps, and don’t force anything.

The O.G.

woman getting-ready taking cod-oil

Better Mornings, Better Days

The O.G. is TONIC’s original blend of CBD and ashwagandha. This adaptogenic power couple works harder to restore your essential balance and defend your body and mind against the effects of chronic stress.

Add a dose of O.G. every morning alongside your coffee, tea, or *bonus points* hot cacao to support your adrenals and provide long lasting energy without a crash. It is also super helpful in calming anxiety while boosting mental clarity & focus.

I also take The O.G before I do spiritual practices/energy work to get into that magical flow 〰️state.


chill-tonic cbd

Next Level R&R

Chill elevates the relaxing, anxiety-crushing abilities of the O.G by adding lemon balm and passionflower to the mix, as well as a higher dose of CBD. These calming, restorative herbs work by regulating your GABA levels, which allows your nervous system to relax and can help you achieve a more restful sleep.

Take a dose of Chill for a deep restful night’s sleep or for times of transition from a long day of work into a meditation or sound bath.

I also keep Chill on hand for when I notice my nervous system is a bit more tense than usual; when my anxiety is manifesting itself in a very physical way.


Healing Connections

 TONIC’s whole flower Dose delivers the widest range of the cannabis plant’s healing compounds and the truest reflection of the plant in its natural state.

Use Grounded to connect more fully with the earth and ground your energy while promoting relaxation and overall Endocannabinoid System support.

Grounded is suuuper healing – I even use it on my face as a spot treatment when I am breaking out!

Chronic TONIC

Keep Fighting the Good Fight

A super-soothing blend of CBD and essential oils delivers targeted, fast relief in a convenient roller ball applicator.

Roll it on your traps after working too long at your desk (TOTAL GAMECHANGER).

I love to put it on my wrists and knees before I do yoga.

I use it to relieve my menstrual cramps & migraines.

3rd eye + pulse points during meditation👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 I basically bathe in Chronic everyday. Should we turn this into a bath soak??!

haylli-weintraub tonic-cbd tricolla-farms

I’m so grateful that I was able to connect with the plants on Tricolla Farms and complete the circle of healing: I gave Reiki healing energy to the plants and in turn they provide healing to me through TONIC.

It was my way of giving thanks and adding to the alternative healing methods we already use, and I hope you all feel that love and energy as you incorporate this plant medicine into your wellness routine!

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