High Vibe Conversations: Comedian & Reiki Healer Carmen Marissa

August 05, 2019

High Vibe Healer Q+A, Volume 2

By Lauren Mooney

TONIC was created with the desire to ease and heal pain and anxiety holistically. And often the results you share with us have a magical quality to them. So we’re naturally excited to have some chats with our favorite wellness practitioners AKA magicians. Get ready to learn a bit about the work they do, and how they incorporate CBD into their lives and practices.

We’re excited to introduce you to Carmen Marissa, a born and raised New Yorker. By day she works in customer service, but outside of work she’s a comedian – doing stand up, improv, and sketch comedy. She doesn’t just heal with laughter, she’s also a Reiki practitioner, who works with private clients, and assists in workshops and meditation circles. In her own words, she simply loves helping people feel good.

TONIC: What’s your first memory of practicing Reiki?

CARMEN MARISSA: It was last year after I got my certification. I offered Reiki to friends and family for practice, and I loved the response I got from it. I didn’t have a massage table or a big room, so I remember crouching down over a yoga mat and giving reiki. It was a learning experience for sure!

Where do you find joy?

CM: Ah-in so many places! Community is very important to me, so with my family and friends is one place I find joy. I love making connections. I find joy in doing yoga, reading, being on the beach.

Dream place to live?

CM: Definitely by the beach.  I feel like every summer here in New York I want to spend all of my free time at the beach.  There is nothing like the sound of the waves crashing. I would love to live by the beach, maybe in a beach town, where I can offer healing services from my home, and also walk to get a coffee if I need to.  As a New Yorker, I don’t have my license, so being able to walk if need be is so important. My family is from Puerto Rico, and I have been thinking a lot about moving there and opening a healing space that is affordable for the people of the island.

Words to live by (these days or always)?

CM: “I am my own muse, the subject I know best.  The subject I want to know better.”-Oroma Elewa

Fave way to consume CBD:

CM: Honestly, it depends on my mood!  Vape I love to just relax me if I am out and about.  I have some of a tincture every morning, and topical for when I am menstruating to help with cramps.

What does CBD do for you? And what do you use CBD for?

CM: CBD has reduced my anxiety and helped tremendously when I am menstruating. The difference is amazing.  I am usually very anxious, and CBD has helped to keep me calm, especially in this crazy city [NYC]. Whenever I have my period, I have always had terrible cramps, and am on birth control even though I am gay to help regulate my period.  It has helped regulate it, but CBD has helped with my cramps to the point where I am taking 2-4 pain relievers a cycle when I used to take 4-6 a day. I am so thankful for CBD!

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