Vibe Guide: Capricorn Season

December 26, 2019

Use the energy of Capricorn Season to set yourself up for success in 2020.

Capricorn season officially kicked off on 12/21 (aka the Winter Solstice aka the start of winter and the shortest day of the year). 

Capricorn is one of the cardinal signs of the zodiac – it carries strong leadership energy and is one of the most productive and forward-moving points in the year. 

capricorn season 2020 meme

Caps are notorious for being hard workers, ambitious, practical and determined, but there needs to be meaning attached to that ambition – an understanding of a greater purpose; a connection to the roots of our being.

This duality is perfectly represented through Capricorn’s symbol of the Sea Goat: mythical fish creatures that grew the legs of a goat, started making their way out of the sea to walk on land and journey further than they ever dreamed, holding on to their fish tail all along the way. That last little deTAIL (get it?) is the key to really understanding Capricorn energy.

There is depth. Despite being a super earthy Earth sign with grounding energy and a solid reputation of tirelessly climbing with goat-like determination, there is still that connection to the deepest waters of the sea; the currents of the oceans, the moon’s effect on the tides. 

capricorn sea goat

No matter your sign, you can tap into the badass energy of the Sea Goat this Capricorn Season – allow yourself to be guided to the watery depths of your intuition, your truth, and what really drives you in order to fuel your motivation, dreams, and goals…. Perfect for setting your 2020 intentions and setting yourself up for success as we enter the new decade (!!!)

Manifesting Season

We are in eclipse season, with a solar eclipse having just passed 12/26 and a lunar eclipse coming 1/10/2020. The lunar eclipse in Cancer (💦💦💦) on the 10th challenges us to ensure we have really addressed our motives and intentions before moving ahead. It’s a time to dig deep so we can transform and level up in a whole new way.

Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, Mercury, and Mars are all lining up in Capricorn over the coming months. This strong Capricorn influence will be guiding all of us to get down earth-sign-style and ground our energy – feel the earth supporting us, and think about why we are climbing the mountain we are climbing. Does it really serve us? Is it really the path we want to be climbing? What is really motivating us to move forward?

Kickstarting 2020 with all this Capricorn energy is also a signal from the Universe that we are going to be supported to put plans into action and to really take responsibility for our dreams and goals. MANIFESTING SZN!!!

#FixYourVibe, Capricorn Edition

From left to right, starting at top left square

Grounded TONIC

Our high-dose whole flower extract is meant to not only provide relaxing, restorative effects while improving Endocannabinoid System health, but to ground your energy through a stronger connection to the source. Retaining as many of the plant’s natural characteristics as possible, Grounded is a reflection of the environment in which it was grown. Those nuances are meant to be appreciated in order to further connection, understanding and, ultimately, healing.

Green Aventurine

Because Caps can use a vacation from being stuck inside their own heads from time to time… Green Aventurine can be a really uplifting stone for Capricorns who, despite thoroughly enjoying solitude, can feel isolated at times. It promotes confidence and optimism while helping to release negative thoughts.

Meditation / Openness Towards Receiving

We need to be ready to receive the rewards of our work. A big part of setting goals and manifesting outcomes (especially ones based around work/ambition/success)  is actually opening yourself up to abundance.

In the case of financial success, you might be thinking “duh, of course I want a lot of money, why would I ever not be open to abundance?” Well, it’s more complicated than that. If you are always focused on what you don’t have or worried about running out of money, you are stuck in a “lack mentality” and will continue to receive outcomes that match the “lacking” energy you’re putting out.

Meditation with a focused intention on creating an “abundance mentality” can be a powerful tool to rewrite the limiting narrative in your head and receive outcomes that match the “abundance” energy you are radiating.

Smokey Quartz

This detoxifying crystal aids in purging any fear, anger, jealousy, and negative energy that is not serving your highest good. Specifically for Capricorns, this stone will relieve self criticism while providing clarity and wisdom upon which path forward is best. When you’re feeling frustrated, angry, or detached, hold your Smoky Quartz at the base of your spine, the location of your root chakra. You can envision the crystal shining light throughout your body and releasing any negativity or darkness.


It’s not a coincidence that O.G. is hands down the Dose of choice for the 2 Capricorns on the TONIC Team. The O.G. combines CBD and ashwagandha to fight stress while improving mental clarity, focus and overall balance, helping you get sh*t done no matter what.

By creating optimal balance and lowering cortisol, the O.G. can get you out of fight-or-flight and allow you to be present and focused on the task at hand. This is a key component of entering flow state, which is where you achieve optimal mental and physical performance and when your manifesting powers are the strongest!


With a tincture powered by TONIC and a muscle rub and bath soak carefully crafted by the cannabis experts at Nice Paper, Y7’s AFTER FLOW line is the self care that we all need this Capricorn season. As the name implies, they are great tools for post-yoga recovery, but if you aren’t a practicing yogi already let’s add that to the list of ways to master Capricorn season. Get moving, stretch, lengthen and strengthen your spine, nurture your root chakra. 


An essential tool for ambitious Cap energy. Write down your goals and the steps you’re going to take to get there. Write your to-do lists. Journal to promote reflection, understanding and gratitude. Get it out of your head and put it down on paper, you’ll feel a lot better.


Because everybody shut up I need to focus… seriously.

But also, the power of sound/frequency and its influence on energy and mindset. Try listening to binaural beats. It can actually help tune your brain to the desired frequency and promote a much quicker drop into that coveted flow state we mentioned earlier.

Rose Colored Glasses

This is metaphorical, but if you want to get literal and get yourself a pair, more power to you. But really, this can be a super challenging time if you aren’t on the right path and it can be difficult to see the silver lining, but stay optimistic and keep dreaming big.

Harness the hard-working, practical and grounded energy of Capricorn to stick to your goals and ultimately achieve them, but vacate from the sometimes-narrowing practicality of the Sea Goat and shake that little fish tail, remembering your need for purpose and connection to something greater. Aim to make the world a better place, whatever that may mean to you. Then map out the path you need to take to get there and keep focusing your energy flow down that path. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t receive your gifts right away, keep the rose colored glasses, pay attention to the signs along the way and trust the universe is giving you exactly what you need.

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