High Vibe Conversations: Anna Toonk, Spiritual Worker

July 05, 2019

High Vibe Healer Q+A 

By Lauren Mooney

TONIC was created with the desire to ease and heal pain and anxiety holistically. And often the results you share with us have a magical quality to them. So we’re naturally excited to have some chats with our favorite wellness practitioners AKA magicians. Get ready to learn a bit about the work they do, and how they incorporate CBD into their lives and practices.

To kick off the series we have Anna Toonk, a Spiritual worker who reads Tarot, and the Akashic Records. In her own words, “I’m someone always looking for ways to make being a human feel easier. Whether that’s spiritual work, therapy, herbs, or dog snugs. Whatever works, offers us wisdom and self-integration. I’m also pretty passionate about taking the shame out of experimenting with what can bring healing or digging ‘weird’ things. Whatever makes it easier to look inward and figure out how to write our own instruction manual and feel confident in that.”

You get a sense of all this immediately when flipping through her curatorially hilarious and life affirming Instagram account. Anna brings a refreshing blend of humor and passion to what she does in an industry that can sometimes take itself a bit too seriously.

While we’re all about kicking ass, we’re also trying to rest and relax. So kick back and enjoy a chill, yet stimulating conversation.

TONIC: What’s your first memory of practicing tarot?

ANNA TOONK: Oooh good question. I had a deck as a teenager and was totally mystified by it and felt like my brain wouldn’t latch on. I mostly had it to be cool and very mysterious at 14. I really came to it as an adult. It almost felt like this puzzle clicking into place where I felt I could really access my intuition in a deliberate and disciplined manner, articulate what it was telling me and more!

TONIC: Where do you find joy?

AT: You know I think I am really exploring and refining that as an adult. It’s cheesy or clichéd but laughter and humor bring me a lot of joy. People doing the things they love. I went to see a friend in a play and couldn’t stop beaming at her like a loon, but I felt such joy getting to see her do what she’s passionate about. Flowers, preferably showy ones with big ole blossoms. Dogs, possums, and raccoons really amuse me and bring me joy. Being present has always been a real struggle for me and lately just really enjoying a moment in real-time brings me a lot of joy.

TONIC: Dream place to live?

AT: Ideally having lots of cash to basically just rove between all of my homes for my moody nature. Big sur, Upstate New York, but keeping an apartment in the city, an island home somewhere, and perhaps an old palazzo in Italy. Mind you I can barely keep up with a one-bedroom apartment so A LOT of adjustments would have to happen for this idealized lifestyle.

TONIC: Words to live by (these days or always)?

AT: When you argue with a fool no one knows who the fool is, courtesy of my grandmother and brings me back to reality when I want to waste energy arguing or proving myself.

TONIC: Fave way to consume CBD:

AT: I love a tincture! Can take it anytime, carry it with me, some days are a few dropperful days and it’s great to have it on me. I also like to smoke because it feels ritualistic and it’s so relaxing. That’s more of a nighttime treat because it does suuuuper relax me. And I’ve had bodywork with topicals and super enjoyed it, but I’ve been lazy about incorporating it into my home habits.

TONIC: What does CBD do for you? And what do you use CBD for?

I’m pro-cannabis in general, and think it offers healing properties. However, I have to watch my own relationship and consumption of mind-altering substances; it does dull my intuition and psychic senses.

This is why CBD has been really great for me, the benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive effects. I find CBD really reduces my anxiety, helps me sleep, and it helps me with ADD. That’s the most surprising for me and definitely what I am most grateful for. A big thing to me about reading for people is you have to be really clear on yourself. And I have found CBD and herbs really impactful at helping me be very clear on what’s my soup and what’s someone else’s.

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