A-Z Adaptogens

July 17, 2019

Bite-sized info on adaptogens and superfoods 

By Lauren Mooney

As a holistic health coach who incorporates cannabis into my healing practice – one of the reasons TONIC appealed to me was because it wasn’t just CBD. With TONIC’s tinctures, all the ingredients work together for maximum effectiveness and relief. 

The Original

The first formula founder and CEO Brittany Carbone came up with was the OG TONIC. In order to deal with anxiety, she had been using Ashwagandha on and off, and cannabis steadily. But when she started to learn more about CBD specifically a few years back, she realized that CBD could have adaptogenic benefits similarly to Ashwagandha; they both work to achieve the ultimate goal of homeostasis – the body’s ideal state of balance – but take different paths to get there.

woman wearing fix-your-vibe t-shirt holding og-TONIC


Brittany began to combine the two in hopes of creating an adaptogenic powerhouse that could work harder to balance energy, relieve stress and create overall balance. The OG blend was born – and voila she was able to get through her days with more clarity and ease and she knew she had to share this with the world.

Here are 3 reasons why I love to get my Ashwagandha from TONIC’s tinctures:

  1.  In powder form, I have found Aswaghandha to be bitter, and messy to consume. I love it feeling hidden in the magical TONIC blends.
  2. Tinctures taken sublingually are one of the fastest ways to get CBD, and Ashwagandha into your bloodstream. In other words maximum relief, as fast as possible. Especially when I’m feeling major anxiety – yes, please!
  3. Aswaghandha combined with CBD may increase your chances of feeling way less stressed out. In other words, they are both adaptogens that when combined can be a powerhouse against stress and pain.

Bonus fact: For the OG Chill TONIC tinctures, the Ashwagandha Root used is organic, and extracted in-house in small batches.

Read more about Ashwagandha here: https://tonicvibes.com/health-benefits-of-ashwagandha

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