Will I be able to pass a drug test?

CBD use is at your own risk when it comes to drug testing.

Using CBD is at your own risk, even with trace amounts or no THC, there is never 100% certainty of passing a drug test because of the ways in which cannabinoids are metabolized and converted in your bloodstream.

TONIC Doses and Smokeable products are made with full spectrum hemp flower extract with varying percentages of THC all below 0.3% to comply with legal limits. We do offer broad spectrum (0 THC) distillate for those who need the option, please add a note to your order and e-mail info@tonicvibes.com and we will fulfill your order with 0 THC blends of our Chill, O.G. and Flex 30mL bottles only.

TONIC is not liable/responsible for failed drug tests.