What products does TONIC offer?

Our hemp-derived CBD and botanical blends are a completely holistic method to help you feel your best and #fixyourvibe.

The products you’ll find at TONIC will fall into one of four categories:

Doses are a sublingual oil that absorb into the bloodstream through the mucus membrane under your tongue. Our blends combine hemp extract with superfoods and adaptogenic herbs to strengthen your body’s defenses against internal and external stressors while bringing you closer to homeostasis – the body’s ideal state of balance.

Topicals provide game-changing pain relief by combining the beneficial effects of CBD with unique blends of soothing, pain-relieving essential oils.

Zen Dog CBD treats are the 100% natural way to relieve your best buddy of symptoms like pain + inflammation, anxiety, and seizures. They also go a long way in strengthening your dog’s immunity, creating balance within their furry little bodies + preventing inflammatory diseases.

Smokable CBD has the fastest onset for those looking for immediately optimized vibes. We have the highest quality standards for the healing material that we include in our Vaporizer and Pre-Rolled Hemp Flower Joints.